Susana Bermudez – The 80/20 of Mexico Sourcing

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Susana Bermudez is an entrepreneur working to bring small businessesand entrepreneurs in Latin America the attention and growth they deserveby helping e-commerce sellers find high-quality and cost-effective sourcingfor their products in Latin American countries. She is helping smallbusiness owners and entrepreneurs realize the wonderful manufacturingcapabilities that Latin America has to offer, making it a better sourcingsolution than China.

By supporting manufacturing in Latin America, we can providemuch-needed employment which may allow people to stay in theircountries, slowing mass migration and helping economies on the continentthrive. Latin America has a huge number of untapped resources in themanufacturing industry and small businesses are lacking the exposurethat’s essential to their success. By being a source for connection betweencreative brands and manufacturers, Susana aims to uplift hundreds ofbusinesses and the millions of people who work for them while also helpingbusiness owners find better solutions for sourcing product.

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